Module brick arte - ABC of design


Module brick arte width is 9 cm, allowing the reduction of wall widths in comparison to a standard brick by as much as 3 cm.           
To attach facades made of module brick arte, it is recommended to use tensioning bolts for the added installation (through bolts and screw bolts).

If a curtain wall is erected simultaneously with a construction wall, it is recommended to use bolts of types PK or L.

In accordance with PN-B 03002:1999, bolts should be made of stainless, zinc plated or galvanized steel or any other steel protected against corrosion. The number of bolts should not be less than 4 per square metre of wall surface. Additionally, around window and door apertures, and along other edges, bolts should be placed linearly spaced at no less than 3 per metre.

In cases of high wind pressure (especially in open spaces, and mountainous and seaside regions), it is recommended to increase the number of bolts per square metre for the facade. In accordance with PN-EN 845-1 the nominal length of bolting should not be shorter than 40 mm.    

Module brick arte have been designed to create curtain walls without shifting the vertical joints. The requirement for this type of design is the reinforcement of all support joints in the wall e.g. by means of a prefabricated steel framework using of bars of < 6mm in diameter sunk in the mortar.

It is permissible to join walls at corners without lashing only if all support joints are reinforced (as above). Insulation thickness is regulated under PN-B-04440: 1999/Az 1 2004. Insulation thickness is calculated from the brick face and should not be less than 15 mm; however, above and under the reinforcement it should not be less than 2 mm.