Why choose bricks?

It creates a durable and an elegant façade that does not require maintenance or repairs for many years. The low moisture absorption of bricks and slips prevents settling of dirt.
The clay bricks and slips used in a façades accounts for only a few percent of the whole cost of the building but the benefits include a prestigious and long lasting finish.
Full fire resistance.
Full resistance to frost, chemical and biological attack, as well as fungi, algae and moss which can trigger allergies.
High mechanical strength.
Excellent acoustic insulation of the cavity wall (an insulation factor of 40-50 dB).
A cavity wall provides a perfect microclimate in summer...
... and a thermal comfort in winter.
Environmentally friendly; products made from only clay and sand.
A wide selection of brick colours.
A wide range of shaped bricks.
Simple to use with other materials such as wood, glass and aluminium.
Higher selling prices for houses built with bricks due to their prestigious and elegant appearance.
The most beautiful house in the neighbourhood.