Why choose clay pavers?

Life-long colour guarantee. They don’t fade or become abraded; they always have beautiful vivid colours.
They don’t require any special maintenance procedures. Nature herself maintains clay pavers; the sun has beneficial effects on the pavers as it dries them out and highlights their beautiful vivid colours while rain washes away the dirt.
They can be used on two sides. It is possible to take out a paver, turn it or move it to another position as they are not permanently fixed to the ground. A paver has five possible faces that can be used.
They have four-times higher resistance than concrete bricks because during the burning process moulded clay forms ceramals which guarantee a very high resistance of the material. Thickness: 45 mm of clinker paving bricks and 80 mm of concrete bricks.
The highest class of abrasion resistance (up to 40 times lower than that of concrete bricks). Durable and elegant qualities for many years.
Nature-friendly products, without any artificial additives, admixtures or dyes. Environmentally-friendly methods of production: burnt out of clay and clean washed sand only.
Clinker paving bricks do not require a screed, anti-humidity insulation or any other finishing materials. They are loosely laid on a gravel sub-crust.
A wide range of natural colours and consistent, ensuring no colour variation of the final paving. The long-lasting colour is achieved from clays that naturally fire out in the desired colours.