Why clinker slips?

Build with bricks, repair with brick slips

Owners of buildings with rendered facades are becoming much keener to look for a simple and reliable way to refresh or repair a façade. They have learnt their lesson the hard way with render which gets dirty, cracks and falls off and they now tend to select an elegant and durable solution – brick slips. They are the perfect tool to achieve this; offering a rich palette of colours that is guaranteed to provide a clean and neat finish which will not require repair for many years to come.

“Build with bricks; repair with brick slips” is our solution for clients looking for durable and original products in the building sector. The bricks slips in our range are made from the same clays and fired using the same technology as our bricks. The slips are available in two thicknesses, 13mm and 18mm, this allows various pointing options including a recessed joint which adds an impression of depth to the finished brickwork.